Why an Auction is the Best Way to Sell a Domain

auction bid

If your goal is to sell your domain name quickly, but you are having trouble doing it on your own, then it’s time to make the switch to a domain auction. Although a fee is involved, getting your domain in front of thousands of additional eyes increases your chances for selling your domain at a better price.

Your chances of selling are significantly increased by the intention of the visitors frequenting the domain auction site; they are there to buy, not ask and answer questions.

Facts about Domain Name Auctions


You can troll numerous domain related forums and still not attain a fraction of the visibility you would if your domain were listed for sale in a domain marketplace. In a forum, you’re not coming up for searched terms, price range, etc. – all the specific things the domain buyer is looking for.

auction bid

The well-known and reputable domain auction websites allow users to find you by keywords, price, extension, etc., the majority of which extend their visibility to numerous countries.

Increasing Your Chances for Selling

Price Your Domain

If you don’t know what your domain is worth, find out. Priced .com domains are 10 times more likely to sell than their unpriced gTDL counterparts. Various online domain tools can give you a rough estimate of your domain value, but you should be aware that these values can fluctuate greatly from one tool to another.

A good starting point would be checking what similar domains have sold for. That gives you a reasonable price range in which to offer your domain for sale. A professional domain appraisal is the best way to evaluate your domain. It takes numerous factors into account that are not considered by domain value calculators, plus it gives you the credibility with your buyer.

If your domain is connected to a website, you have additional information you can provide to the buyer to justify your price. Although the buyer may choose to monetize it differently, you can show value through your site earning and size of your email list.

Buyer’s Trust

When you conduct a transaction in a forum or by other means, there is no 3rd party protecting yours or the buyer’s interests. If the transaction involves a large sum of money, the best way to handle it is by having the money deposited into an escrow account where it is held until the title is turned over to the buyer.

This is especially important when you are dealing with buyers in other countries; you don’t have the protection of your own government’s laws nor a means to take action should someone try to swindle you. Auction websites provide this security and have reputations which the seller and buyer can easily check up on.

If you domain doesn’t sell on an auction website, chances are, you need to adjust your price tag. But, you are far more likely to have success in a shorter period of time than going it on your own.

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