How to Improve Alexa Rank in 30 Days – An Insight

Improve Alexa Rank

Are you a blogger or a website owner? Then you’ll definitely be looking for ways to track your success, in order to know how well you’re doing in the online space. Every individual has his own way to track success – in today’s overcrowded marketplace. While some people measure their success on the basis of traffic, a few depends on the generated revenue to observe whether they’re succeeding.

Improve Alexa Rank

Apart from these two ways others uses Google Page Rank to measure their online success, but now many people have started using Alexa ranking to keep a tab on their online achievements.

Alexa Ranking – A Foreword

Are you aware about the Alexa Ranking? Well, chances are your aren’t!

Alexa helps track all kind of blogging sites present on the web world and assigns those sites a ranking on the basis of several factors such as website traffic, social sharing and other statistics. It lets you keep a track of your blog performance.

Today every website owner or a blogger aims at getting Alexa ranking less than 100,000. You’ll surely wish to know – why is it essential? This is because a site having Alexa ranking under 100,000 illustrates its stature in the marketplace and traffic stats (determining number of visitors visiting the site).

In case you’re making up your mind on selling some advertisement spot on your blog page, then you must know that most advertisers primarily look for Alexa rank. So, the better is your Alexa ranking, the more you’ll earn with the help of monetization strategies you are using on your blog.

Tips to Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa is a rank that measures how frequently a blog page is being visited, in contrast, to the other blog pages on the Internet. Just remember, lower Alexa rank means better ranking on the web. If you are looking for ways – How to Improve Alexa Rank in 30 Days, below are some tips that you can follow:

  • Register an Account on Alexa: This is the first and most initial step which requires you to register an account on Alexa.
  • Claim Your Blog: Another way to increase your Alexa score is to claim your site or blog page using Alexa ranking system. By doing so you can:
  • Update your blog’s contact details easily.
  • Update your title tags and description in your blog.
  • Give response to user reviews on your written blogs.
  • Install Alexa Toolbar: You can implement Alexa rank by installing Alexa toolbar in to your site or blog. This toolbar helps in measuring how many people visited your blog, which in turn, let you determine your Alexa rank. Want instant success and wish to drop your Alexa rank quickly? Well, an ideal way is to persuade your friends or family members visiting your blog – to install the Alexa toolbar on their own systems. Just follow this simple tip, and you’ll be amazed by the outcome.
  • Update Unique and SEO Friendly Content Frequently: Make sure to update your blog with high unique and SEO friendly content on a consistent basis. This is because better quality SEO rich content will help in increasing your Alexa score quickly.
  • Adding Links: Ascertain to link to other useful links or content from within your blogs. What’s more, avoid adding garbage backlinks as it won’t be of any help and will rather lower your ranking.

Let’s Sum Up!

If you’re also using Alexa ranking system and want to increase your Alexa ranking, it is recommended that you must follow the aforementioned tips as it will surely support you in achieving your goal. However, there are many other tips and tricks out there to boost your Alexa rank. So, keep on exploring!

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