Recent Algorithm Updates By Google, You Are Most Likely To Miss

Algorithm Updates By Google

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine under the sky, and it is highly unimaginable for us to complete a day without typing in our address bar. Google plays a crucial role in all areas of life, and this dominance is likely to continue in the future years as well.

Google is a company which is highly innovative, and they are very keen in making our search experience a comfortable one. They usually apply some changes to their search algorithms in a periodic basis, and this will help you to make your search experience more effective and efficient.

Algorithm Updates By Google

When Google makes these algorithm changes, some of them will pass in a quite manner, while some others will make themselves known. People who are adopting Internet marketing should know each and every algorithm changes, so that they can make themselves armored to combat these changes.

If you are aware of these changes, then you can adopt various SEO techniques to boost the rankings in the search engine. Please find below some of the most significant changes, which happened, in Google search results in the recent days.

Google Venice

This is one of the recent algorithm changes from Google, and it was launched in February 2012. Google Venice provided ranking opportunities for local organic SEO, and here Google is populating the results by analyzing your IP address. For example, if you search for local services without using city modifier, Google will automatically analyze your IP, and will pull out local results which will be more relevant.

Google Panda

Google Panda is a new algorithm change launched by Google, and this technique will penalize people who are using black hat SEO techniques to boost their rankings. It will improve your search results, and moreover, the sites which are using duplicate and spammed content will be penalized.

Personalized search or Historical Search: In the earlier days, personalized search option was only available for signed in users of Google. But now, for a better search experience, Google have extended its personalized search engine to non-signed users as well. This will help them to search things in a better manner, and they will get better and accurate results.

Google Instant

Google Instant can be considered as a milestone in artificial intelligence. This search enhancement feature will show you results when you are typing each and every letter in the type board. This will help you to choose the exact search term which can be used to search your content. Google Instant will increase the accuracy of the search results, and it will also make predictions based on popularity.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin is known for penalizing sites which are using Black Hat techniques like keyword stuffing to increase the search rankings.

All the algorithm changes mentioned above will add comfort to your searching experience, and you will surely get better search results. There might be many more algorithm changes, which are in use, and sometimes, you will come across one in your next Google search.

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