How Blogging Can Help You Make Money


How Blogging Can Help You Make Money? Making money online is not an easy thing. When it comes to doing business on the internet, we talk about Forex, buying and selling of goods and all other similar trades, but people hardly associate blogging with money on the internet. And that’s partly because it never originated as a money making scheme. But a lot of things have changed and you can make money from the internet by doing virtually anything.


Blogging has since become a well admired means to make money on the internet, but a lot of bloggers are just out there blogging but they don’t know how they can monetize their blogging efforts. If you are reading this article, it’s either because you want to start a blog and you are already thinking of how you can make money from it or you simply want to find out how you can make money from your blog.

Promote Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing, as it is called, is now a very popular and reliable way for bloggers to make money on the internet. When you sell affiliate products on your blog, you have a percentage of the profit which goes to your Paypal account as commission. This is not only profitable for bloggers, but it is also helping the product owners to move their sales forward.

You might want to gain a considerable amount of blog followers and readers before you can consider doing affiliate marketing – as promoting another person’s product on your blog of little readership will not profit you.

If you are in haste to start making money through blogging by selling affiliate products and your blog hasn’t gained a lot of readers, I think you should start promoting your blog either by guest blogging or by exchanging links with other bloggers.

Partner With Advertisers

Secondly, a blogger can make money by partnering with advertisers. The internet is littered with companies and individuals looking to place adverts to their products on blogs, and most of them won’t consider the size of your readers as they are only after spreading word about themselves or their company.

But before looking out for advertising partners, you should make building your blog readership a priority. If your blog does not have a huge amount of readers, advertisers might not want to do serious deals with you.

Looking for an advertising agent can be a good thing if you want to make sure you get consistent advertising offers on your blog. Agents go out to look for people that are willing to advertise on your blog and they negotiate the price with you and their advertisers.

Work for Clients

Lastly, another method you can use to make money from your blog is by working for clients. Bloggers work as freelancers these days, and a lot of them are writers who get paid by clients. You can use your blog to promote your services to your potential clients and increase your opportunities to get gigs from different clients.

Working with clients might not be an easy task though, as you have to sacrifice your time to do their work. For this sake, it would be advisable that you hire writers for your blog or you open your blog for guest blogging so that other bloggers can help you fill the gap.


Making money online is not as easy as many think, but if you are smart enough to embrace every opportunity that is open to you now – you might be among the few that are making a killing on the internet today.

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