A Short Guide on Online Reputation Management

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Coca-Cola is the best soft drink in the world. Now, some people might disagree with this statement. There are many reasons to why it actually is not. For some people, it doesn’t taste good. For others, it’s too sugary. But, what makes it stand out among millions of other brands is its reputation.

That’s what makes it the best. Go anywhere in the world and ask for a can of Coca Cola. Everyone will understand you since the reputation of the product has been nourished for more than a century. This all applies to business as well.

Your business might not have to do anything with soft drinks, but this serves as a good example. Having millions of happy customers isn’t easy to do. As with the case above, time and outreach are the primary factors for business growth. What people say about the brand isn’t that important.

The most important thing is that they are indeed saying it and sharing it. Now, with the help of the internet, this is easier to do. In this short guide, we’ll look through a few proven techniques that will make your business skyrocket.

Make sure people are talking about you

This can’t be stressed enough. In today’s world, you can’t make it if you aren’t seen or talked about. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service. Make sure to engage with an audience that wants to be heard. Since today’s websites are user-friendly, regularly communicating with your customers will be comfortable and helpful.

The latter will prove itself constantly throughout the lifetime of your brand. Clients, customers and prospects will leave comments on blogs, tweet about their experiences with your business, and review it. This will help you to know how to get better. In the end, every significant brand wants to make the customer satisfied. Make sure to listen when they are talking about you. Click here to find out how to make people talk about you online.

Be open to criticism and feedback

Of course, not everyone will like what you have to offer. This is normal and to be expected. Haters are everywhere, and competitor business will do anything in their power to drag you down. These two things will manifest themselves in the form of negative reviews and feedback. No one wants to be criticized. That’s why this situation should be handled with care and a calm head. We’ll look at two examples.


An American café received a negative comment on Twitter regarding their lack of electrical outlets. Most people wanted to go there, have a cup of coffee, and work on their laptops. Instead of giving the people what they want, the company fired back. The café replied that it had just enough electrical outlets to do what they have to do. Guess what happened next? The business got shattered by more and more users on social media. There were even more fingers pointed to the café for having negative public relations and an aggressive attitude.

Since fighting fire with fire doesn’t work, what about ignoring? A familiar company, Nestle, tried this tactic. A few years ago, they got a ton of negative comments about their environmental practices. Nestle just ignored the comments. This resulted in even more people criticizing them, and they eventually shut down their public page.

The point of these two stories is to learn how to deal with feedback. Develop a proactive approach to what people are saying. Intervene when necessary and reply when needed. Good reputation management is knowing what to say in every situation. Sometimes this includes whether to say anything at all.

Use software to track progress

The software is something that the internet thrives on. It’s no surprise that there are programs created to help polish online reputation. Many services exist, and some of the most popular are monitoring reviews, generating reviews, and tracking social media comments. All of these things play a vital role in the end goal. Filtering negative reviews and weekly reports are also things that fall into this category.

Every single one of these tools makes your popularity grow, and your reputation clean. You can read more information about software help on this page: https://tribelocal.com/reputation-management-software/

Play the search engine game

When a business gets online, search engine optimization instantly becomes more desirable than giving out business cards. What matters most is what is on the first page or two on every search engine. Imagine that you are a customer of your own brand. You want to do a little bit of research online before buying something.

Search engine

You type the name, and the first things that show up are websites displaying false information and negativity. All the hard work to get everything running smoothly, and then Google comes in and destroys your reputation.

In this case, develop a great search marketing strategy. Make it so good that it will increase the ranking of positive content. This content could be provided by you, or by another third party website. This search engine game is becoming more and more difficult to master, so you may wish to look for a Reputation management Google Search agency to help you. They will be able to improve visibility and increase traffic to your site. It’s better to start sooner than later since time plays a major role in this as well.

Don’t click on negative pages

Search engines don’t know whether the information is true or not. What they do know, however, is whether the information is relevant. If you click on your competitors’ sites every day to check how they are doing, this will make their content relevant. The same goes for negative review pages.

It is tempting to see if something has changed. But, not giving it that much power will definitely pay off in the long run. Focus on your rankings and the content on your site. Your marketing strategy will do the rest of the work. Read more here.

A few final words

In conclusion, the most important thing about your reputation is your customers and their satisfaction. This, along with excellent search engine ranking is the way to succeed in the online world. Make sure your business is the thing they’re talking about. Then enjoy your popularity and excellent reputation.

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