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Wikipedia to Shut Down on Wednesday to Join Anti-SOPA Blackout

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, announced through his Twitter account that the encyclopedia will be off on Wednesday, January 17th, 2012 for 24 hours to protest the SOPA law. After a lengthy discussion , the community decided that the measure will only run on the English edition, though it could affect 25 million visitors worldwide. During the blackout, they will […]

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Acer Announces Aspire Timeline Ultra at CES 2012

Acer finally announced Aspire Timeline Ultra at CES 2012, a brand new ultrabook described as the finest in the world, the Aspire S5 . In line, Acer introduced this other device with a screen size of 14 or 15 inches but has not the finesse of the Aspire S5 but adopts a DVD player. There are few differences between the devices in terms of […]

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Facebook Is Not Going to Bury Google

2011 was a glorious year for Facebook . The most popular social network in the world has finally reached 800 million registered users and 300 million users for its mobile application. Facebook is also preparing its IPO with a valuation exceeding $ 100 billion, all in line with the final release of the new type of profile called Facebook […]

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Facebook Begins to Give Up Internet Explorer 7

As in August 2010 it was announced that Facebook stopped offering support for Internet Explorer 6 , now similar story repeating with next sibling in the chain of Internet Explorer. This time, the turn is for Internet Explorer 7 that is slowly beginning to be neglected by the social network. While this is not yet official announcement, […]

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Google Has Acquired 217 More Patents from IBM

Google has increased its portfolio by buying more than 200 patents from IBM. Last July, Google had bought more than 2000 patents from IBM, before repeating the same operation two months later. Their new contract includes another 188 patents plus 29 pending ones. Both companies Google and IBM are still refusing to talk about the new […]

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Mac: How to Adjust the Backlight of the Keyboard

The MacBook Pro have backlit keyboard. This feature is useful when you are in a low-light. The only problem is that in addition to the F5-F6, Apple does not offer the possibility to adjust the brightness of the backlight from the menu bar. If you are really annoyed by your PowerBook’s  MacBook Pro’s backlit keyboard […]

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