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An independent operations data platform and a Log Analyzer, is a great help to a number of organizations that are looking forward to enhance their business performance and their software & process by leveraging machine data together.


The helps to provide you with a complete overview of things that is currently happening in your system environment. It helps you to create dynamic analysis and lets you to recognize improvements in your software and in your business.

About helps you to analyze and monitor your software’s usage and efficiency. A lot of Developers and big organizations will know the importance of maintaining log reports to check the performance graphs and other various charts including OS Load, request-load balancing, number of users and response-time to deliver high quality service to their customers and improve their operations.

What Do?

Most big organizations such as the BlaBlaCars, JustEat, and Canal+ use as their Log Analyzer and reporting tool. The service allows you to channel all log files, machine events and metrics into a single hub for you to handle. Also, does more than just funneling those things together. You can also extend reports, create a custom dashboard and enjoy freedom and flexibility that most Log Analyzers don’t provide.

You can create your own personalized reports from a number of custom filters, arrange the log reports on the dashboard and provides you with getting an overview of all the things happening on your system with the help of the

Features of provides you with a number of important and necessary features such as easy navigation on your dynamic dashboards, help to correlate information, measure logs, plan strategies and deliver service efficiently to your clients. Here are the all the features of explained below:

Easy Set Up

The whole process of is available on the cloud. There is no need to install it on your computers physically. You can easily integrate your report logs into the centralized analysis platform. All you need to do is to send the team the type of logs you want to integrate by following all the steps mentioned in their tutorial.

Enrichment & Parsing

The provides you with the method to combine the heterogeneous data from your system into a more structured way to be easily able to extract meaningful information from them. It can easily recognize the patterns itself on its own or allows you to make your own custom parsing logging best practices rule to combine your data.

You can also trace requests and transaction by using dynamic tagging to bundle different set of information together and cut through a number of different technology stack layers.

Powerful Investigation Capability

One interesting feature from the is the ability to view your centralized java logging from a bird’s eye view. Also, it provides you with extended capability to filter the machine data with the help of a number of different attributes.

You can choose to downgrade the visibility to appropriate entries anytime you want to get answers while analyzing your log reports and solve the invents as soon as they occur.

Flexible Alerting also allows you to detect abnormal behaviors with deviate from their usual paths. You can easily create a number of flexible alerts for your log analysis with the help of some search metrics and queries.

If anything happens to your log, you will be instantly notified via emails to the id you have attached to the You can also choose the options to receive the reports daily, weekly or monthly as you desire.

Final Words

Over several years, has managed to become the backbone of some of the top brands across the world. These brands depend solely on for handling their java logging analysis.

It has the capability to fulfill all your needs from your data logs and provide you with ways to grow your business easily.

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