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How to Disable Right click in Blogger / Blogspot ?

Have you noticed, that some web sites do not allow their visitors using right mouse click while pointer is on the blog area. This option is useful for the site and blog owners, who want to minimize the possibilities of the content direct copying to other posts.

Right click on any internet browser is very important element and we must use it when it comes to copy or editing texts and etc. It’s very important when it comes to webmasters too. but some people may use it in a bad way, and you may want to make click right disabled on your blog. to protect you text, images links and etc.

To setup this tool in your blog Copy the Following code and paste it to your blog by adding a new page element.

Step 1 : Go to Dashboard > Layout > Add Gadget > HTML / JavaScript
Step 2 : Copy the code from this file and paste it in that blogger widget.
Step 3 : Save the html/javascript and view you blog.

When you will try to do right click, a message will tell you that “Function disabled”, and if you want to change this words” Function Disabled” Then simply find it in code and replace it.

Above method will disable the right click on your blogger blog.

“Should I use Blogger or WordPress for my new website?”, is a frequently asked question from new bloggers. If you are still using blogger for your blog then I will always recommend you to switch to the WordPress.

WordPress gives you freedom to do anything you’d like with your site as there are thousands of plugins. So if you are tired of using blogspot and want to start something serious? MonetizePros has a great resource on how to create a blog that I recommend looking at. WordPress blogs are more flexible than blogspot and this kind of changes will be even easier!

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  • Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.

    • Vishal Gaikar

      I am glad that it worked for you Karie

      • daisy

        Vishal, .. after having browsed through 100s and 100s of different webpages for days that had content describing the procedure one needs to follow in order to disable right clicking, happened to see your site!! this is the best site so far in terms of the clear instructions you offer people on the disabling process. However, i am unable to do so to my wordpress .. also once i follow what you have described, how do i know if the option has been disabled on my page?? i am unable to do so on other sites of mine, cant paste anything into my html header.

      • daisy

        is there any way i can make this work for my wordpress site, thank you so much!!

      • Thank you so much it works

      • Thank you Thank you Thank you….

    • Alba

      Thank you thank you thank you! ! ! I really appreciate it. I tried several codes and this one was the only that worked 🙂

    • Dude you rock man!!! I was almost at the point of paying someone to do it for me. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help.

  • I sent the wrong site address.

    • Vishal Gaikar

      No problem.. Got it correct now 🙂

      • Sherry

        Hi Vishal,
        So cool. You are the man!. I didnt’ even have to try second time, just followed your direction and I got it. I have a question could you do this in the face book too? and if yes how do we do that in the face book?


  • vampyre

    Thanks so much. Worked beautifully 🙂

  • nice post. and i requet u on facebook.

  • amg

    Thank you so much for posting these instructions, worked beautifully!

  • Thanks Vishal for sharing. But unfortunately when I clicked on the link ‘code from this site’, a new webpage opens with no contents displayed. Will you please check and let me know whether I need to perform any other step or something like that.

    Many thanks for looking into this.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Ashish,

      There is a code in that txt file, try it once again, opening perfectly at my side.

      Let me know in case of any problem.

  • Debbie

    Awesome. Thank you.

  • Is there a way to make this work only for the post content and not the sidebar? I would like to allow copying of code in the sidebar but this is blocking the whole page. Thanks!

  • Wao,
    Yeah I was searching for this, 🙂 well i dont like to do this on my blog :p it will not make my visitors happy.. Well thanks for this. I will also try to write a tutorial for this on my blog.

  • Karen Hill

    This has really helped me. Thank you. I’ve been looking for ages how to stop people grabbing my photos from my blog. Thanks.

  • moonshine

    thank you

  • this works on the first try, but if a person hits the right click again, the same function appears again with option to check a box to disable this from happening again.
    how to fix that?

    • Gold Tommy10

      no it just prevents the popup from coming but right click is still disabled

      • I tried this and after clicking on ‘do not show the popups again’, I am able to right click and copy 🙁
        How can I fix this?

        • I’m finding this to be true as well…once you hit “refresh” it goes back to being protected for 1 or 2 clicks, but the option to keep from showing the message comes up again and then, allows right click and copy. I’m not comfortable with that level of protection. How can we make it ALWAYS protect my blog/images, etc.

          Thank you!

  • very nice good tips thanks alot..

    Thanks Vishal, I never forget ur invisible help,

  • Thank You so much! I am always worried that someone out there might try to take things off my site! I shared your page with my friends on FB, I’m sure they will use you!

  • it worked for me so simple thnx alot dear your sharig is owesome

  • Cathy

    Simple and effective. Thank you.

  • kovai sakthi

    tnk you sir it works great

  • Thanks so much! I ran into another blog that was like this. I wondered where I could find it.

  • Thanks a lot, I’m using this in my blog.

  • gopinath p

    i want to hide right click and save link as on my site but this is not working.. : ( wat to do

  • Thank you! It worked easy.

  • it’s not working 🙁
    what’s the problem VISHAL ??

    • Hey Lucky, what’s the error msg you are getting, as it’s working fine for everyone else

  • Boss u r just awesome. thanks for the valuable code. Worked perfectly for my blog. It is my first blog and being something related to photographs, i was very concerned abt the security of my pics from being copied. thanks a ton again!

  • Dear Friend! It is very much useful and used it now in my blog with great reverence on you!
    I missed a script sometime back, and this is more easier than the former. Thanking you once again!
    Mohan Balakrishna
    Counseling Psychologist/Chennai-India

  • Hey i always wanted to protect the contents of my blog and yes i did it today.Thank you for the code!!!

  • Hi Vishal, this was an easy fix for my blog. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Thanks a lot for this. Someone grabbed photos from my site and posted them on theirs and have been looking for ways to avoid this from happening again. So again, big thank you =)

    • Michelle

      Oh my gosh! The nerve of some people! Too lazy to do the work themselves so they steal from other hard working photographers! It just astounds me how people can just expect to piggyback their way to success! As a fellow photographer, it ticks me off so bad! I am doing this to my site right now:)

  • Shayna

    Thank you. It work for my blog.

  • This code is not working on blogspot dynamic preview plz help me how to stop right click on my blogspot dynamic website

  • Thank you very much, with this code i secured my blog, now no body can copy my information.

  • thanks for the gadget, sure made disable right click easy!

  • chittampally kirran

    thanks a lot brother,its very easy to do..

  • I used the code but I dont know how position of my blog post is changed to left column. What should I do to refix it? please help me.

  • Hi,

    I tried this code on my blogspot, but it still lets people right click and download the images. Please help! Not sure why it doesn’t work.

  • thank you !! It Works..

  • ashwani

    thanks dear///

  • Ann

    Is there a way to utilize this code on Tumblr?

  • Jamie

    Thank you SO much!!

  • Desmond

    Thank you so much~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Azdaja

    Thank you Vishal!

  • vow… It really works well…Thank you..

  • Hi Vishal.. this works perfectly on my blog.. thanks for the great info! 🙂

  • TQ very much.. it works for site too!


  • farhan

    thank you sir!!

    But is there any way to stop anyone from copying completely from my blog?

    As they can use mouse for this purpose

    Thank nd regard
    Md Farhan Khan

  • dda

    You guys realize that whatever can be done in Javascript can be undone the same way? And that for every link that says “how to disable right click” there’s a link that says “How to enable right click”? Besides, just (trying futilely to) preventing right-click won’t protect your images: a quick look at the HTML source is all you need…

  • psp

    Hi I am able to use this on my blogger .. but not… why is that? If it requires separate code, can you please provide that too 🙂

  • Thanks I have many problem with others which love to copy from my website

  • A

    How to prevent LEFT mouse click, too? 🙂 Now you can click a photo open when clicking a left button 🙁

  • lovely.willow

    Thank you so much, sir! This is exactly what I needed!

    I recently found out someone had been stealing my blog posts for 5 years and I am both appaled and shocked.

    The google report abuse function is horrible and there is no guarantee they will take action either.

    I hope you can give me suggestions on how to take down a phony website immediately. My blog traffic is pretty high it is obvious this person is trying to increase his traffic using my posts.

    I hope you can keep in touch with me.

  • jon

    I tried this, the prompt does come up saying that right click is not available but as soon as that prompt closes it goes to the next page showing the full page view of the photo and guess what? When you right click again it lets you copy the image no problem.

  • chyroxiah

    thank you so much,…it’s really work.. ;))

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are an absolute star!! Cheers!!!

  • Arlene

    Finally, a script that actually works.
    Thanks soooooooooo much for this.

  • Thank you so much! The BEST!!

  • In my previous blog-traditional template, this code was working. Now, in dynamic view template,
    this code does not work.. pl help.

    with regards,

  • Thank you vishal, it’s really work…^_^

  • Laminoo

    THANKS A LOT. love it.

  • Thank you!:)

  • Shani


    Thanks for the code; I’ve installed it and it’s working as I had hoped. The only problem is that it will not allow me to click on any link now that’s on my page. I had only wanted to stop people from stealing content, not from clicking on a link. Is there a way to correct this?

    Thanks again,

  • I was curious if you ever thought of changing the page layout
    of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got
    to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way
    of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of
    text for only having 1 or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out

  • I’m trying he code but it isnt working on my site any suggestions on why? :/ Help Please.

  • its really work very fast and very good for data being stole. Thanks very much

  • Thank you so much! This code worked perfectly!

  • thank’s. it’s very help me.
    come to my blog:

  • cadgupta

    sr pls tell me my java/html script file not save
    plzzzzzzzzz rly me

  • This is good…bt i dnt need alert …..nw what can i do?

  • Annonymous

    Thanks That Helped! But It Is Annoying! People can still copy though!

  • Annonymous.

    Is there a way that u can just disable it without any messaging or messaging the first time. People can still copy your ideas and left click drag to new tabs (On Google Chrome!)

  • Sansar

    Your java script does not work when someone uses ” CTRL C ” after selecting the text, one can easily copy the text then. Any suggestion?

  • Thank you so much for these clear, easy to use instructions! This was no problem at all, and that’s saying something for me! I used this feature on my blog and on my daughter’s. Really appreciate it.

  • Sagartrajan

    Love U ! Forever!

  • shubhajit

    hey vishal thanks for your post its work for me and try my code (not really mine) for dishabiling
    select all and share with your friends…..

  • Thanks a lot. It works.

  • One can still use the ‘ctrl+c’ function to copy the blog text. Doesn’t work!!!!

  • palin

    Thanks so much 🙂
    This worked wonderfully.
    The pics on my blog feel a bit safer now.

  • Thank you so much for this! It works like a charm.
    I have been looking to add this to my blog.

  • You’re a superstar! Thanks for this code!

  • It is very beautiful and works Good …..I have implemented on it disables right click but we can copy by using ctrl+c

  • pls let me know in detl.. how to create copyright of my blog

  • Ayushi Jain

    I am not able to click on save button. Nothing is happening after i click on save or in fact save button is not working.

  • Mel

    Thank you for this!

  • hey. . can u please help me on this It’s not working on mine. . thanks in advance 🙂

  • Work good on my blog, but on second clicks showing check box “prevent this page from creating additional dialogs”

  • amna

    thankyou vishal.its realy kind of you to share this.thanks worked ^_^

  • Silvia

    Hi. Thank you. It worked very well.

  • brilliant! thank u so much for this. however does this work in blogger dynanic views?

  • Mye

    thank you so much! this worked!
    But not with the dynamic view though…

    Still thanks!

  • Prateek Tyagi

    Sir if we prevent form creating additional dialogs then in next right click all the right click functions are available,whi it is so.plz help

  • Manoj

    Thank you so much..really very helpful. God bless.

  • Joni

    When I try to open the code I get an another tab with nothing in it–blank. Suggestions?

  • Jeff

    Thanks. Worked like a charm!!

  • Thank you so much for posting this, I have recently been made known to other people using photos on blogs for their own personal use and when I googled my sons name, a ton of pictures of my blog popped up, I have been wanting to disable right-click for a long time.
    Do you happen to have a ‘how-to’ on how to allow the link someone clicks on to open in a new tab?

  • firstd

    thank you sooooooooooo much! I’m passing this along to my other friends and family that have blogs!! you’re a life saver:) have a wonderful day!!


  • I want to change the “ok” button to my own text. how can i do that please guide me

  • Charles

    Hey thanks so much for this! It worked absolutely fine!

  • cherrie

    why i open the code from this file page cant see anything at there T-T

  • cherrie

    sorry, now i can see the scrip but why when i 1st time right click they show the box is “Function Disabled” but 2nd time i click,they show “Function Disabled”and bottom have a box show [prevent this page form creating addional dialog] if i tick the box and press ok then i can save the pic already,so why??

  • Thats Nice..

  • ~willa~

    Thank you so much! It works perfectly!

  • Thank You! So much. I literally spent hours trying to find something to suit my Blogger needs. I only found stuff for “Word Press”.

    Thank You!

  • Bikebrains

    The code works in IE9 but the code does not work in Firefox 14.0.1. In Firefox the Function Disabled message is issued, I click OK then the Firefox right click box appears.

    • Bikebrains

      I did a little more research. In Firefox 14.0.1 the user must allow scripts to disable or replace context menus. To find this control start with Tools, go to Options, Content,Enable JavaScript, Advanced,Allow scripts to disable or replace context menus. I tested it with your gadget and found that the gadget can be blocked with the default of not allow.
      Another article at said to use window.oncontextmenu = function() { return false } . The comment is dated 2011.
      Any ideas?

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  • Hello thank you a lot for this, but there’s 3 problems:
    – when someone clicks more than twice on the picture a dialog box appears to disable that function, than you can copy.

    – mozilla has an Add-on called “take a screenshot”, allows you to copy the image

    – on mozilla’s tools menu you can see the page code, choose “media” and save the image you want

    yes unfortunately if you have a blog there’s allways a way to copy us, there’s several data protection web sites, but still not enough for the ones that like to just copy paste all our work.

  • Worked perfectly! Thank you very much! I will bookmark this page for future reference!

  • Hi Vishal,

    How can I disable right click on my blog.

    Please help me

    Pure vegetarian bites

  • Thanks..Now it working on my Blog.
    has any disadvantages of it?

  • thnks, it really works..

  • hey thanks a lot for this post! i have posted that as my entry too. is it okay for you? thankyou! 🙂

  • Hi Vishal,

    How can I disable copy by keboard (Ctr+C) on my blogsite.

    Please help me


  • This does not work because you plagiarizers can still use the keyboard shortcut to copy the article.

  • well im going to try 1st how bout the shortcut copy paste?

  • I never thought i could implement this on my site…. 🙂
    That’s a super slick but super simple!

    My little site is now “rigth-click” disabled!

    Thanks a lot man.

  • ceparie

    Thanks for clear, concise instructions that work! I know the very clever can find a workaround to copying but this code will deter most and also sends a clear message that the author prefers they don’t.

  • Jo

    Thanks so much! Worked like a charm =).

  • silvia

    Thank you very much. Its work fine


  • hi Vishal,
    Every people says… your script worked, may, they are a newbie…just kidding.

    Vishal, I have try your script, it’s worked, but do you have try to click tree or four times?
    after tree times right click, dialogue show up and chek the option…

    your script unwork………..


  • Thank you so much! I was looking for something that prevents someone copy my content, and I found here. I think there is some “experts guys” that can keep copy content, but for the 95% of the people It´s impossible now. Keep your good work.

  • kavita

    Thanks for the code… I was earlier adding code to every post!

    Could you possibly come up with a version 2 of this code which additionally diables ctrl-a and ctrl-c?

    I had put both the codes earlier from different sources, but 1/ it added a field which i did try to hide by making it the same background (not v neat) and the right click stopped working, only the ctrl-a and ctrl-c was working. this is for a blog for a photographer friend.

    thanks again…

  • thank you so much for sharing this code i like it

  • Wow! Thank you! This is a great help. =)

  • slowhand

    for dynamic view blogger! paste the code in post editing html (right) section.

  • Thanks bro, really helpful 😀

  • Ola

    wow, that was easy. THANK YOU!!!!

  • thx dud….

    thank you very much

    it work very nice

  • Thank you so much!! I’ve been wanting to do this for so long and you made it so simple!

  • Ankit kohli

    but people can still do it by ctrl+c option….any way to stop that also???

  • Works 100%
    i wanted to protect my html links 😀
    now they can’t skip , yahooooooooooooooooo

  • Elly

    Omgg thank you!!

  • Thank you for your post! Very useful!

  • irene

    Thank you so much!!! What can I do now with the function ctrl+c and ctrl+v ?

  • Iris

    Thank you very much for your help!!! It works!!! I was wondering if I can do the same with the ctrl+c !

  • Rick

    Hi, this feature is great, i am wondering if there is away then when the pop up message comes up it should display the persons IP? This way i can have the message say somthing like, your IP has been logged.

  • SM

    Nice Article.. though to prevent text copying completely, disabling text selection is a better option

  • ville

    Thanks Man!

  • Thanks for the code! it worked but how to disable grabbing photo? Yea, the image can’t be right-clicked, but i can drag the image to the new tab so they can steal my stuff. thanks 😀

  • Hi, thanks for sharing this trick…really appreaciate it !
    Have tried it on my blog and it WORKS !!
    Again, thanks!

  • Blob


    A friends blog used this, and it stopped me not at all.

    I immediately though of using the menus, which worked just fine to copy stuff.

    Edit/select all, Edit/copy

    Draged an image to another tab.

    View/view source, then copy and past URLs with mouse or otherwise.

    Worthless, ineffective, ignorant.

  • it is working and like no one can use my contents 😀 thanks dear 🙂

  • Thanks a lot, it works great.

  • Thank you so much! Really appreciate!

  • Thanks for sharing this tutorial! 🙂

  • hichem

    thanks but some users use CTRl + C : (

  • DC

    Works great! Thank you 🙂

  • How does this affect folks trying to use pinterest on your site? Will it not allow them to pin your photos?

  • Thank you. I had this on my page some time ago and for some reason removed it. Silly me. I have just reported a couple sites for mining my content and posting it on their blogs. This is at least one step to secure my content from those unscrupulous people.

  • Closer to Lucy

    I have looked forever for this type of widget…thank you so much!

  • Thank you so much! I was getting weird hits from weird (pornographic) websites in Russia. I did not know if they were copying my pictures.

  • Thank you so much!!! Worked well in my website.

  • shally

    Hi Vishal, Could U please tell how can not show any window when right click is done. Above code workd but I want no window to appear….simply do nothing if right click is done. Please help me with that.


  • Thank you – I am sooo tired of my blog photos getting ripped off.

  • Bro How Can I Disable right Click on Selected pages/posts in Blogger?

  • Thank you so much, it works like a charm!

    What a Fantastic Post!
    I have included you in a post on my Blog! I so needed to Share this information!!
    GREAT JOB!!!

  • Liz

    Thank you for this Vishal! Now my blog contents are protected. 🙂

  • MaT

    OMG you star, thank you!!!

  • Gwen

    im using blogger and i’ve tried this twice, and still it doesn’t work. HELP please? 🙂 thanks in advance

  • waynu

    thanks…. working fine with me…

  • MW

    I’m just adding to what Gwen has already stated. I am using blogger and although this code USED to work on my blog, I noticed last night that the right click is no longer disabled, and I can’t seem to get it to work again. Help?? Thank you!

  • ya its work but if i click right click 1st time then Function Disabled! option appear, and if again i click on right click option 2nd time then “prevent these page from creating additional dialog” option appear if user click on it and then OK button then right click option appear again. so no use of it. but thanks for help.

  • Thank you Vishal, it really works….

    Thanx a Ton 🙂

  • The code works. Thank you. W

    hen using the dynamic views template, just use the code in the html section in one of your blogs when you write a blog. JUST DO IT ONCE and it connects to every other picture you post in your blog later on and even in your previous blogs.

    Just rename the “Function Disabled” to whatever you want.

    Hope that helps.

  • Morgan Brittany Photography

    Thank you so much! This helped a lot, I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to do this, but now I can and it worked. SO THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!


  • damon

    thank you soo much..really helps me with just a click..

  • Kat

    I thought it worked but, when I clicked OK and prevented the message box from appearing it goes back to the same right-click options. 🙁

  • i have disable the right click but one thing is my blog read by google boat or not after this.

  • Thank you so muchhh!!! I really appreciate it… really simple and works best. hope you will continue your great works. Success!!!


  • TheSaint

    Dude Only if my Thank you note can be as much value as the rest of them but I’ll go ahead anyway and Say “Thank You a million”

  • Mohsin Ali

    Nice trick dear.I am also make disable right click with stylish image check it out here

  • That’s a nice tip and good option for keeping the thieves at bay. But, i wonder, why you are not using it on your blog? is is there any negative impact due to this??

    i am considering to use it on one of our blogs at here-

  • morebloggertricks

    thanks its working

  • bhupesh

    cool bro but we can still copy… with ctrl+c key so any solution for this .. thanks

  • Tracy Garbett

    thank you so much 🙂 worked 🙂

  • baraka
  • Nice, view more blogger tricks at

  • Problem: it doesn’t work, I saved everything and did what you said and it didn’t work I can still copy and save my own images, so does that mean that I can save and copy them but no one else can? Or did it just not work?

  • Aparajita Sengupta

    Thank you SO much!! worked ^_^

  • Adam

    thank you

  • Jayaslin

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  • Navneet Kumar

    How can we disable this function? Even after deleting this gadget I am not able to get back to copy post function.

    • muhammad rehman

      chck this
      I have made a very easy trick esp for newbies

  • well tried this here… but others can still copy :/

  • Jetlina Jacob

    Thanks a ton..this script has solved my mailer are the champ!! thanx buddy !

  • Abid Khan

    Thankyou Very Much Bro Working …… Thnakyou Thankyou Thankyou

  • Abid Khan

    Great Website

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    yr mughy asi script chahiya jis main msg na ay

  • usman ghani

    Would You Explain me about this Blog that why is here SEO is Not Working.Please Answer me.i am waiting

  • Apurva Oka

    it doesnt seem to work with blogger dynamic views. i just tried and i can very well right click or copy. solution please?

  • Basit Khan

    I fount here the working widget but the problem is that people still can copy b ctrl+C. You can check it here

  • i suugest all visitors to use css code to block copy pasting find it here

  • this article is cool

  • Hi friends.. help me .. i like to stop right button click on my hindi story blog how can i do this .. please help .. i am newbie

    • DSingh

      Don’t disable right-click. It is used to navigate (go back/forward), reload and add to favorites. If you disable it, your visitors will suffer and likely avoid your blog.

      instead of this, it is better to use disable selection of text or html :

      Add the following html code to your BODY tag:
      Here is how your BODY tag may look once implimented:

      ondragstart=”return false” onselectstart=”return false”

      Checkout the demo of script on this blog:


  • Vikas Tiwari
  • Marie Wright

    this step really works thanks

  • erica
  • Vaishali Patel
  • i cant make this to work kindly help me check out my page

  • NoumanRaza
  • NoumanRaza
  • Thank you so much! I’ve been wanting to find out how to do this. It was so easy thanks to you! This is a great blog–so informative!

    Blogging Tools for Serious Bloggers

  • DSingh

    Thanks the give script of disable right is fully working .

    But, Don’t disable right-click. It is used to navigate (go back/forward), reload and add to favorites. If you disable it, your visitors will suffer and likely avoid your blog.

    instead of this, it is better to use disable selection of text or html :

    Add the following html code to your BODY tag:
    Here is how your BODY tag may look once implimented:

    ondragstart=”return false” onselectstart=”return false”

    Checkout the demo of script on this blog:

  • Kunchan Nambiar

    This did not work for me. It can be easily copied

  • Newton Moses

    This is a great post and thanks for sharing it.
    my Dissertation

  • Jerry Malloy

    It works fine on my Blogger blog, you can’t right click a photo directly. However if you left click on a photo, it enlarges, then you can right click it and download/copy again. Any solution for that?

  • Sarfaraz Jaliawala

    Nice read. Thank you for providing such a nice resource in english. Highly appreciated.
    I also write urdu stories at please review and provide feedback.

  • Edet Anso

    you’ve done a nice job. i have been looking for a way to stop copycat on by blog thank God i ve finally found you. check out here

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  • Thanks a lot man, i was searching this for so long, thanks a lot

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